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AcceleratorIndia and UKIBC collaborate to launch India Readiness Programme

CAMBRIDGE/LONDON: AcceleratorIndia and UK India Business Council (UKIBC) join forces to launch the India Readiness Programme, a unique offer combining research, business development and advisory support- key elements essential for UK companies to successfully expand into the Indian market. This unique collaboration brings together Cambridge – based company AcceleratorIndia’s expertise in technology and innovation-led business development in India combined with UKIBC’s network and India Business Centre platform, making it a valuable service that will help British business access the Indian market.

A recent survey of UK companies found that 60 per cent of companies find getting to grips with the Indian market problematic, in addition 55 per cent find understanding Indian business culture an issue. This service will help address the main challenges faced by British SMEs. The service incorporating AcceleratorIndia’s insights, expertise and services will be delivered to a wider cross section of UK companies, comprising UKIBC’s core membership network and the broader British business community.

The India Readiness Programme allows UK companies to assess how well prepared they are for India market entry. The programme will cover the following aspects of successful India market entry such as establishing product or service relevance with local Indian market needs, addressing the unique challenges of selling into India such as channels to market, scaling up profitably, pricing and business models. Structured as a workshop followed by a review session, the programme provides UK companies a very effective and rapid way to gain a better understanding of the opportunities, challenges and risks of doing business in India.

Dr Uday Phadke, Executive Chairman, AcceleratorIndia said, “We are delighted to be working closely with UKIBC to accelerate the entry of innovative and technology-enabled UK companies into the Indian market”.

Richard Heald, CEO, UKIBC, said, “Many UK companies find the size and complexity of the Indian market daunting at first, but with India’s growing importance in the world economy it is a market that can no longer be ignored. India has opened up its economy to foreign investment and trade immensely in recent years and there are huge opportunities to be found in a number of sectors. This partnership, and our new UK India Business Centres, will allow us to help even more companies take their first steps in India, and will go a long way to increasing trade between our two nations.”

Published on 29 July 2013

Last updated: 13 Aug 2013