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AcceleratorIndia, TSB and Health KTN launch RiffStream#Bangalore

RiffStream#Bangalore - “Catalysing UK-India collaborations to address India’s growing low-cost medical devices markets” is a workshop organised by the HealthTech & Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network (Health KTN) in partnership with the Information & Communications Technology Knowledge Transfer Network (ICTKTN), TSB, the UK Science & Innovation Network (UK-SIN) and AcceleratorIndia. Packaged as RiffStream#Bangalore, the event will be held on February 5th 2013 at the Taj Gateway Hotel in Bangalore.

RiffStream#Bangalore will be curated by Dr Uday Phadke, with the aim of generating new projects and partnerships as the basis for delivering innovation to address India’s growing low-cost medical devices and medical technology markets.

Building on previous successful RiffStream# events held in Cambridge, York, London and Mumbai, the Bangalore workshop will also address the shared strategic vision of both the UK and Indian Governments of creating connections between medical devices and technology businesses across the two countries and also link to UK policy initiatives.

The workshop will use RiffStream#, a methodology developed by Dr Phadke to maximise the value of networking and accelerate new business creation. The methodology is based upon a musical metaphor, to provide an interactive environment where players from different disciplines can interact to synthesize and test new ideas and relationships with other participants.

Details of RiffStream#Bangalore are available here, including instructions to register for the event and apply for financial support to participate.

Published on 09 January 2013

Last updated: 28 Jan 2013