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27-09-13 - Dr Uday Phadke and Richard Cawdell speak at the OneNucleus LifeScience Leadership Series

Dr Uday Phadke, Executive Chairman and Richard Cawdell, Core Team Member of AcceleratorIndia, presented an insightful session at the LifeScience Leadership series organised by OneNucleus on September 25th in Cambridge on "The Indian Bio-science Eco-system: Opportunities and Challenges".

They described how the key stakeholders interact in the emerging Bio-science eco-system in India, including

  • Government and private sector-funded research activities, including incubators
  • Emerging SMEs in the main national clusters
  • National and multi-national players active in cross-border activity and 
  • The changing investment picture across the industry.

The session then concluded with a Q&A with the participants followed by a discussion of first hand accounts of their business experiences in India.

More details of the event are available here.

Published on 27 September 2013

Last updated: 13 May 2014