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18 Nov 2014 - How UK companies can respond to Make In India - an Analysis

David Pollock, co-founder and Director of AcceleratorIndia has performed a detailed analysis on how UK companies can respond to the the opportunities emerging through the MakeInIndia campaign in the form of a guest column in the India Incorporated portal.

In his column, David describes the recognition by the Indian government for real action on the ground to improve the ease of doing business and how UK companies can contribute to and benefit from MakeInIndia through their products and services, IP, expertise and know-how.

David also discusses the potential objectives for UK companies in responding to the MakeInIndia campaign through local manufacturing in India as:

  • part of their supply chain, 
  • making a innovative variant of existing product or service as a response to Indian market requirements and 
  • making a revolutionary product from a new technology from the UK because the scale and growth potential of the Indian market justifies this.

The complete article can be accessed from here.

Published on 18 November 2014

Last updated: 20 Mar 2015