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Aerospace, Automotive and Oil & Gas

The engineering sector in India currently accounts for 27% of total factory output and 63% of all foreign collaborations. It is also the largest contributor to the country’s total merchandise exports, with engineering products and services valued at US$ 57bn in 2012-13. The main driver behind this has been India’s comparative advantage in terms of manufacturing costs, supported by government initiatives such as the National Manufacturing Policy, 100% permitted foreign direct investment (FDI), and the National Policy on Electronics.

The Engineering Research and Development sector in India needs to triple in size over the next 5 years but this will not be easy. For example, Indian engineering companies are grappling today with the need to conceptualise new products and services and to get to market faster. Only 0.4% of qualified engineers in India are qualified to doctoral level compared with 11.3% in the US. The Indian Engineering curriculum currently places minimal importance on practical experience; as a consequence, it can take 10-12 months to bring an Indian engineer to full productivity versus 2-3 months, for example in Europe.

This situation presents opportunities in a number of areas: the provision of critical technologies, technical expertise, and deep experience across all parts of the engineering value chain, especially those where innovation is critical. There are also many process-related opportunities where international players can help to build the engineering innovation ecosystem in India.

We work across many areas of this sector, ranging from design, manufacturing, and materials to distribution, including virtual prototyping of new products in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Within the automotive sector, specific opportunities are emerging around market trends in the shift to luxury automobiles and new regulation targeting emission control. In aerospace , local companies from other engineering sectors ranging are all chasing specific opportunities in civil and defence aerospace procurement and are looking for European partners for expertise and technology.

Last updated: 19 Mar 2015