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Driving Revenue Growth in the India-Europe Corridor

AcceleratorIndia works closely with companies in India and Europe to generate new revenues, create access to advanced technologies, build strategic alliances, partnerships and JVs and support M&A.

  • Aerospace, Automotive and Oil and Gas
  • Energy and Lighting
  • Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech
  • Media, Computing and Telecoms
  • Government, Agencies and Academic Institutions

Working with our strategic partner Cartezia, we have developed a deep understanding of how markets, eco-systems, and value chains across Europe interact with their India equivalents. This enables us to help our customers in both India and Europe, to build new products, services, businesses and revenues which straddle these two geographical regions. Our services cover three main areas: Insight, Synthesis and Execution.

We work across the following market sectors: Aerospace, Automotive and Oil & Gas; Energy and Lighting; Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech; Media, Computing & Telecoms and Government, Agencies and Academic Institutions.

Our approach is based on deploying small, highly experienced and agile teams to deliver rapid results.

We operate a flexible business model for our services, based on a mixture of conventional fees, success-related payments and equity stakes in the form of shares, options and warrants.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2015